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About beautifulbits

Since 2008, beautifulbits initially specialized in webdesign for local companies and private clients in Germany. Since summer 2014 we collaborate with IKV-Tech ltd. from Taipei, Taiwan on an effective, cloud-based security solution for IoT devices.

We are deeply involved with research groups for cryptography and information security at National Taiwan University in Taipei.

One of IT security's most stubborn enemies is the lack of usability, which is why our development places great emphasis on intuitiveness and usability. We consistently stick to the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, to produce services of high quality, that meet our and our clients' strict security requirements.


iBadge IoT Identity Management

The age of the "Internet of Things" is arriving, and with it a flood of new innovations. Sadly it is the nature of the beast that at first, the innovation itself is at the center of attention, and not potential security or privacy concerns, which can have desastrous consequences.

The "iBadge's" area of innovation however lies exactly here, in its contribution to IoT security. Any device that communicates with a server can be equipped with an iBadge chip, which then allows cryptographically secure authentication of the device to the server and vice versa as well as encrypted communication.

In this infrastructure, beautifulbits assumes the role of the cloudservice, authenticating devices and allowing Vendor-level and User-level device management, via webinterface and app.

The CipherShed Project

When the most popular and most widely used encryption software TrueCrypt was unexpectedly discontinued on May 28th 2014, the community was left in shock.


However, since TrueCrypt's code is openly available (though subject to a questionable licence), a new effort quickly formed to carry on the torch. Due to TrueCrypt's problematic license a newly named project "CipherShed" came into existence. In the short term the CipherShed Project is fixing known problems with the TrueCrypt code, while in the long term it plans to eventually release a version which is completely free of TrueCrypt's license restrictions.

Since day one, beautifulbits is providing and maintaining the infrastructure for the CipherShed Project, including its website, email server, mailing lists, forum, voicechat server and more. Furthermore, Niklas Lemcke a member of CipherShed's PMC (Project Management Comittee) and ST (Security Team).

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